Feral Horses and Stables

Feral Horses and Stables Feral Horses and Stables Feral Horses and Stables

Delft Island, also known as Neduntheevu, is indeed famous for its population of feral horses, which roam freely across the island's grasslands and beaches. These horses are believed to have been brought to the island during the Dutch colonial period and have since bred and thrived in the wild.

Regarding stables on Delft Island, there are structures that once served as stables for the horses during the Dutch colonial era. These stables were likely used to house horses that were utilized for various purposes, including transportation and agricultural work. However, due to the passage of time and lack of maintenance, many of these structures may now be in a state of disrepair or have been repurposed for other uses.

While there may not be active stables for the feral horses on Delft Island today, visitors can still witness these majestic animals roaming freely across the island's landscape, adding to the unique charm and character of the area.

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