Growing Stone

Growing Stone Growing Stone Growing Stone

Like the growing stone in Nagapooshani Amman kovil, there is another lesser-known growing stone in Delft Island. The history behind this stone is lost in time, but the elderly locals who have lived on the island their whole life tell that they have seen this stone grow over the years. The locals worship this stone, and it’s considered a small shrine where lamps are lit and offerings are made.

The stone has become a sacred site for the locals, who revere it. They consider it a small shrine and engage in worship rituals, such as lighting lamps and making offerings. These acts of devotion are a way for the islanders to express their deep-seated belief in the mystical nature of the growing stone.

Although the scientific explanation for the stone's growth remains unknown, geological processes likely play a significant role. Over time, natural forces and environmental factors may contribute to the stone's expansion, albeit extremely slowly. However, the exact mechanism behind this growth remains a mystery.

Regardless of the scientific explanation, the growing stone has become an integral part of Delft Island's local culture and spirituality. It serves as a symbol of faith and a connection to their ancestral heritage. In addition, the rituals and offerings made at the shrine demonstrate the enduring bond between the islanders and the natural wonders that surround them.

While the growing stone of Delft Island may not be as well-known as the one in Nagapooshani Amman Kovil, its significance within the local community should not be overlooked. It stands as a testament to the power of belief, the mysteries of nature, and the profound connection between people and the places they call home.

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