Sri Lankan Sarongs

Sri Lankan Sarongs Sri Lankan Sarongs Sri Lankan Sarongs

Passed down through centuries and considered as a traditional clothing item in Sri Lanka, the “Sarong” has been a symbol of our rich cultural heritage since its initiation. Favoured for its comfort and simple style, the Sri Lankan Sarong can be transformed from home-wear to a posh party clothing item if you are daring enough to be bold and stand out from the crowd.

Some even refer to the Sarong as the “Jeans of Asian Countries” as many cultures make use of this attire due to its simplicity. A length of fabric that is worn around ones waist, the traditional sarong was light coloured and minimal. However, with the changing lifestyle and cultural perceptions, the Sarong too has evolved and bright coloured and uniquely designed material are being used to hype up the fashion trends.

We at Lakpura focus on bringing you Sri Lankan products that are hand made by our natives with the aim of empowering craftsman communities. Sri Lanka is also well known for its batik industry and hand looms which are all done arduously by many small industry owners which have been passed down through the generations. The batik industry is a small scale industry and this technique of wax-resist dyeing has come a long way and being used in many fashion houses in the country and even abroad. Our sarong range also consists of batik sarongs that display unique designs depicting Sri Lankan heritage that are truly native.

The Handlooms industry too which is a small scale practice catering to many up-scale businesses offer sarongs that are made out of cotton and silk threads while they are mainly inspired by various motifs of colours that are found hidden amidst the local landscape. This industry too dates back to many years while the rich cultural heritage is displayed with such grandeur.

Shop with Lakpura and immerse yourself in a colourful experience with our Sarong range.

Sri Lankan Sarongs Sri Lankan Sarongs Sri Lankan Sarongs

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