Collection: Surfing from Hikkaduwa

One of the most famous beachside resort towns in Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa is a major tourist hotspot due to its surf and corals. Located 98 km away from Colombo along the shores of the South, this town has been a magnet for snorkeling, surfing and just relaxing under the sun. Hikkaduwa consists of a mix of moderately consistent, beach and reef breaks which can be quite fun. There are shallow sand-bottomed waves for beginners, while harbourside waves and A-frame sections are ideal for advance surfers. The Narigama Beach which is towards the Southern end of Hikkaduwa while North of the jetty gives you a more challenging experience. There are surf camps that are available too while Lakpura offers you a package where you are offered services of a English speaking instructor. All surfing equipment will be provided.