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Discover Ella by Bicycle from Ella

Discover Ella by Bicycle from Ella

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Discover Ella by Bicycle from Ella

(SKU: LK77090600) This tour takes you on a bike ride through the scenic Ella Highlands, one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka.

Enjoy cycling through grassy plains, by gurgling streams, and alongside refreshing waterfalls. Visit Demodara Nine Arch Bridge through paddy fields, small tea plantations, a verity of spices. Stop by Little Adam's Peak for unbelievable views of the surrounding countryside and enjoy the hike for Little Adam’s Peak with a view sunrise/sunset on the rock. See the beauty of the island unfold before you.


  • Demodara Nine Arch Bridge
  • Little Adam's Peak


  • Water Bottles
  • Bicycle hire
  • Helmets, Safety glasses, Backup vehicle, Backup bikes
  • Refreshment with cookies
  • Free pick-up/drop-off from/to Ella, Bandarawela and Wellawaya Hotels.

What to Expect

Pick up from the hotel near Ella, Wellawaya, and Bandarawela.

You will be starting your tour at 8:30 am(morning time) am or 01.30 pm(evening time) at the Ella Gap Hotel Car Park (Standard meeting point). There will be bicycles, helmets, and refreshments provided for the tour. Your cycling guide and backup vehicle will accompany you.

You can select the following options that you willing to engage

  • Smoothy : 15 km + Backup Vehicle (If you want)
  • Lighty : 20 km + Backup Vehicle (If you want)
  • Moderaty : 25 km + Backup Vehicle (If you want)
  • Ballaketuwa view : 35 km + Backup Vehicle (If you want)
  • Waterfallen : 45 km + Backup Vehicle (If you want)

Along the way, you will ride cross country through some woods to reach the Nine Arches Bridge. This incredible historical viaduct built entirely from stone, bricks, and cement (with no steel) was created in the British era of Sri Lanka. It spans a space of over 300 feet and has a height of approximately 100 feet. You will be an able walk along the railroad passing over the bridge, and listen to your hiking guide explain the history and stories about Nine Arches. You can also get some excellent photographs and create some memories.

You will then continue on to Little Adam's Peak. This area ends in a sharp drop that provides you with stupendous views of the landscape around you; including the amazing view from the Ella Gap, and the Knuckles Range. You will be able to get clear views of the green fields and blue rivers spread out below. You can take some really good photos here and relax for a while.

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