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Lakpura "Alba" Grade Ceylon True Cinnamon Barks Pack

Lakpura "Alba" Grade Ceylon True Cinnamon Barks Pack

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(SKU: LS1010FD98) Slender, exotic, rich-flavored, and extravagant Lakpura Alba Cinnamon is genuinely a high-end spice. It is best among the best, and no type of cinnamon was actually so far found on earth that could beat the quality of Alba cinnamon.

Hence, if you get to use this lavish spice, consider it your Lady Luck! Alba cinnamon is very high priced, and you will rarely find it at your local grocer. The significance of this variety is mostly about its texture. And, the slenderness and its easily-crumbled nature are very versatile when cooking.

As an interesting fact, we see that Ceylon cinnamon Alba grade sticks are used in high-end hotels as a stirring stick in place of the spoon with hot coffee, tea, cocktails, and cider. In this way, they expect to infuse the rich cinnamon flavor into the drink you enjoy.

In addition to this particular occurrence, thanks to the mildness and sweetness of this spice it offers, Alba cinnamon is best used in beverages, desserts, and other sweet dishes in its powdered form.

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