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Lakpura Dehydrated (Aerva Lanata) Polpala

Lakpura Dehydrated (Aerva Lanata) Polpala

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(SKU: LS9000E11D) Lakpura Dehydrated (Aerva Lanata) Polpala (100g) Box ~ when dehydrated products are rehydrated by immersing in water (30c ~ 40c) for 20 to 40 minutes, they absorb water and generate almost the same original fresh product with all natural properties including colour taste and aroma even after 1 year of normal storage, a phenomenon which can not be achieved by other methods of commercial drying.

Low temperature vacuum dehydrated superior quality Sri Lankan Agro product with unaffected Nutritional & Medicinal values Taste aroma and color. Immerse in water for 30 minutes before preparation/cooking.

The whole plant, especially the leaves are edible. The leaves are put into soups or eaten as spinach or as a vegetable. It can also be used to prepare a variety of salads. The plant provides grazing for stock, game and chickens. In Ayurvedic tradition, Polpala tea is drunk early in the morning to cleanse the kidneys. Polpala drink has become an everyday beverage in rural Sri Lanka. The drink is recommended for pregnant women because it helps maintain the body’s metabolism.

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