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Lakpura Polpala (50g) Tea Bags

Lakpura Polpala (50g) Tea Bags

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(SKU: LS4000982E) Aerva lanata, the mountain knotgrass, is a woody, prostrate or succulent, perennial herb in the family Amaranthaceae, native to Asia, Africa. It has been included as occurring in Australia by the US government, but it is not recognized as occurring in Australia by any Australian state herbarium. The plant sometimes flowers in the first year.

Aerva lanata is a common weed which grows wild everywhere in the plains of India. The root has a camphor-like aroma. The dried flowers which look like soft spikes, are sold under the commercial names Buikallan and Boor. It is one of the plants included in Dasapushpam, the ten sacred flowers of Kerala.

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