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Lifetone Gymnema Sylvester Tea (30g)

Lifetone Gymnema Sylvester Tea (30g)

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(SKU: LS90009948) Known as Masbedda among Sri Lankan’s, the Gymnema sylvestre plant is a climber plant perennial woody vine that is native to Asian countries, Arabian Peninsula, Australia and Africa. A plant that is known for its uses in Ayurvedic medicine, it’s known as the sugar destroyer in India. The Lifetone Gymnema Sylvestre Tea has many health benefits including blocking sugar absorption and offering nutritional support for sugar management. It is also easy on the stomach aiding with appetite suppression while it also helps to boost immunity and helps in weight loss.

The tea bags include dried Gymnema sylvestre leaf granules while the preparation method is simple. You can use freshly boiled water and infuse the tea bag for at least two minutes. It’s recommended to gently squeeze the bag before removal from the tea cup so that the true and full essence of the beverage can be enjoyed. Minerals such as iron, calcium, sodium and magnesium are also found in the tea.

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