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Lakpura Lesiure

Paddle Boarding from Kitulgala

Paddle Boarding from Kitulgala

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(SKU: LK571D04AA)Discover tranquility and adventure with paddle boarding in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka. Glide on the Kelani River's serene waters, guided by expert instructors. Embrace the picturesque surroundings, navigating gentle rapids for a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation. Engage your core, perfect your technique, and immerse yourself in the serene symphony of nature on this unforgettable journey.


  • Safety Jackets & Equipment.
  • Instructor & Supporting Crew.
  • All Taxes & Service Chargers.


  • Hotel Pickup & Drop.
  • Food or Drinks.
  • Gratuities (Optional).
  • Expenses of Personal Nature.


Experience the thrill of river boarding in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka, with our expert team guiding you through an unforgettable adventure. Upon arrival, you'll receive a comprehensive briefing about the trip before being equipped with the necessary gear and transported to the starting point. Safety is paramount, so before plunging into the river, you'll undergo a thorough safety talk and instruction session. At the beginning, spend time mastering control of your board and learning self-rescue techniques. As you navigate down the Kelani River, the rapids start gently and gradually intensify, providing an exciting journey filled with surfing waves and playful maneuvers. Encounter seven exhilarating rapids, including a couple of surprise elements, ranging from class 1 to class 3 (easy to moderate) rapids. Our professional team supervises the entire experience, ensuring a safe yet adrenaline-pumping adventure. For the daring ones, there might even be opportunities to tackle more challenging rapids under expert guidance. Conclude your thrilling river boarding escapade with a well-deserved hot cup of coffee or tea served post-tour, allowing you to relish the memories of an exhilarating day on the river.

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