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Ella to Yala Cross Country Cycling Tour

Ella to Yala Cross Country Cycling Tour

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Ella to Yala Cross Country Cycling Tour

(SKU: LK77090200) This tour gives you the chance to go on a thrilling downhill cycling tour from Ella in the Central Highlands to Yala on the Southeastern coast. Bike through majestic landscapes of hills, waterfalls, forests, and eventually fields and streams. Pass along the borders of several sanctuaries and national parks and have a chance to see elephants or peacocks. Finish off alongside the Yala National Park with its wide variety of fauna.


  • Cross country cycling - see more of Sri Lanka's natural features.
  • Chance to see fauna from various parks while passing by.
  • 116 km bike trail with 20km downhill.


  • Cycles and Cycling guide/ supporting crew
  • Back up vehicle (Cycle Carrier)

What to Expect

You will be starting the tour at 8:00 am from Ella Town. The mountain bikes, helmets, water and refreshments for the ride are provided as part of your tour package. You will be accompanied by a backup vehicle and an experience cycling guide who is familiar with the trails.

You will take a route south from Ella as you cycle downhill. As you pedal along you will stop by the Ravana Falls where the legend of Ravana from Ramayana is much spoken of. You will get to hear the story and see Ravana Ella Cave.

After this you will continue biking downhill till you get to Wellawaya, which is 20 km from Ella. The sharp downhill up till this point provides an exhilarating ride with wing screaming in your ears. From here onwards the route is level and you will cycle 59 km till Tissamaharama. You will pass along the borders of many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. So there is a chance that you may see an occasional peacock, water monitor or elephant crossing the road.

Once you get to Tissamaharama you can choose to get off and complete your tour; or go right up to the coast in Yala. If you choose to extend your tour you will have to bike a further 37 km till you get to Yala Juncton. However you are free to stop at any point if you are unable to go any further. Your tour will be

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